Why join an Association?

It is an essential of the education and teaching professional that we must never stop learning.

The best learning is done together. Associations are powerful places where this can happen.

Not only can you learn from others, others can learn from you.

Often your colleagues can inspire you to reach new heights, to try things you have never tried before. Associations provide this collegiality and they also provide common sense down to earth advice and support.

The importance of learning with others is recognised in the AITSL National Professional Standards for Teachers, particularly standards 6 and 7.

Joining an association will also put you into an online world where you can connect, discuss and communicate.

How To Join

Visit an association’s website - CLICK HERE - for contact details or to download a membership form.


Pre-Service Teacher Membership

Many associations offer discounts for membership to pre-service teachers, as well as discounts to attend conferences, workshops and other professional learning activities too!

Support for Teachers in Rural or Remote Areas

Associations sometimes provide support for teachers in rural or remote areas. Some associations have courses/workshops in these areas or provide sponsorship for teachers to attend city-based professional learning.