• Your Association must be an incorporated body
    for further information about incorporation of associations, click here to access the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs website 
  • A copy of your Association constitution must be included with your application
  • Your association must be based in South Australia
  • Your Association must be initiated and managed primarily by educators, even if its members include non-educators interested in the provision of services to the educational community


Approval of applications
The CEASA Board determine from this information your application’s approval and will advise within 28 days of receipt of your application.

Please take the time to read the CEASA Constitution for information on membership eligibility.


CEASA membership application forms:

  • To view the role of the CEASA Representative/Council Members please click here


Direct benefits of becoming a member:

  • May apply for funding for Professional Development programs and activities
  • Have access to public liability insurance cover under the CEASA umbrella policy
  • Have access to administrative support on a fee-for-service basis including: subsidised distribution of association information to schools; secretarial services, membership record keeping, maintenance of association websites and any other services as negotiated
  • Can work with CEASA which acts on behalf of and with associations collectively in tendering for out-sourced provision of services in education
  • Have representation on the Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) - click here to view the APTA website
  • Local and global networking with educators from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests
  • Professional Learning opportunities that support educators daily work and that of their member associations
  • Access to the CEASA website and its powerful facilities including an online professional learning calendar
  • Space on a large, glossy Professional Learning calendar that goes to all schools and institutions in SA each term
  • Access to latest developments in the field of education
  • Support for innovative practice
  • A forum for sharing educators passion about their professional life
  • Access to meeting rooms at EDC from Monday to Friday free of charge as long as participants are not charged for attending