Associations are invited to send in their Professional Learning events each term, which will be entered on the large, colourful, hard copy calendar which will be distributed to all schools and education institutions in the state. These events will also be entered on the online calendar.


All events being listed on the calendar must be held between Week 2 of the term the calendar is going out in and week 2 of the following term.


2017 Dates:

Term 1: Wednesday 7th December

Term 2: Wednesday 5th April

Term 3: Wednesday 22nd June

Term 4: Wednesday 13th September


2018 Dates:

Term 1: Wednesday 6th December



Please use the below template when sending in your events:


Association Name and Acronym:

Name of Event:






Link for registration:

Contact for further information (email address/contact number): 


If an Association has missed the cut off for the hard copy Professional Learning calendar, you can still email your events to Jessica Green who will be able to enter them into the CEASA Online Calendar.