The professional teacher associations of South Australia offer a wide range of services for teachers. CEASA is proud to represent and serve them.

While most teachers would have an affiliation with a union, many also have links with one or more professional associations. These may range from curriculum areas to leadership, technology to non-government school groups. These provide support, discussion forums, sharing of skills and knowledge, professional development and also contribute to more effective curriculum implementation, teaching, learning and leadership/administration.

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Association definition:

1. a group of people organised for a joint purpose. 2. a connection or cooperative link between people or organisation. 3. a mental connection between things. 4. the state of occurring with something else; co-occurrence.
- ORIGIN mid 16th century [in the sense ‘uniting in a common purpose’] : from medieval Latin associatio[n-], from Latin associare ‘to unite, ally’.

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