Teacher Essentials

Teaching is Inspiring

As a profession, there's nothing quite like teaching. Every student presents a unique puzzle, in the way they connect, engage and learn.

There's no denying that teaching is challenging, but when you break through, when you make that connection with a student and you can see that they're ready to learn...teaching is inspiring.

CEASA has a 'whole educator' approach. Every teacher, in each school, in each of our communities deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. They need to be supported with a ‘whole educator’ approach including individual professional learning opportunities and support for teachers in situations of disadvantage.

Associations are Inspiring

Teachers who are keen to find out about the best practices in classrooms often join professional associations. Their colleagues inspire them to reach new heights, to try things they have never tried before. Join an association today and you will never look back!


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