Education and the Role of Governor

Did you know that Governors in the past have been instrumental in supporting teachers and the education system. In this extract from 'Grains of the Mustard Seed' by Colin Thiele, he talks about a period of time in SA education (1895-1905) where teacher conferences were a key to exciting new changes in education and that there was an enormous amount of goodwill towards these meetings shown by leading public figures and educational institutions:

Extract from 'Grains of Mustard Seed'

There was an enormous amount of goodwill towards teacher meetings shown by leading public figures

"Governors, Lieutenant-Governors, and a whole covey of ministers presided at the openings and gave full-scale addresses."

A Garden Party was provided at Government House

"And so, in 1896 some hundreds of teachers and wives were entertained by His Excellency and Lady Victoria Buxton at a garden party at Government House while "the Police Band discoursed music on the eastern lawn"

The Governor advised about the state of the SA education system

"Even the Governor, Lord Tennyson, joined in the warnings. He had written a private letter to the Minister, he said, and begged him to allow some of the inspectors and teachers to visit Western Australia to see what was going on, because under Cyril Jackson the schools there were rivalling South Australia's, "and in some departments . . . outstripping them".

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'Grains of Mustard Seed' 

 Education Department of South Australia (1975)