Literacy For Learning

Literacy for Learning 

Is a professional development program that develops teachers’ understanding of the role of language and literacy in successful learning.  

The course develops a strong foundation for those wanting to undertake the How Language Works course as the next step in expanding their understanding.


Literacy for Learning aligns with the Australian Curriculum Capabilities: literacy and is relevant to range of learning areas from years 3-12. Completion certificates include 18 hours of face to face learning (6 modules x 3hours).

Trained tutors contact CEASA to register a course, order course materials and to access completion certificates for participants.


Schools without access to a trained tutor contact CEASA for assistance.


School-based costs for How Language Works and Literacy for Learning

For 2018, course materials are free of charge. A $150 course administration fee is payable to CEASA. Release time for school-based tutors or for private providers is negotiated at the school level.



For all enquiries please contact:

Sarah Warner, CEASA Business Manager