Online Learning

South Australian educators and professional associations are encouraged to investigate the many opportunities for online learning as a means of widening access to professional development.

Saba Classroom

Saba classroom (formerly Centra) is a web-based conferencing and collaborative learning environment available to many South Australian government schools for teaching and learning, professional development and meetings.

It is an e-Learning software package that enables live, collaborative on-line interaction - this includes audio, video and data sharing, break-out rooms, real-time feedback, online surveys and evaluation, web mustering, text chat and support for the delivery of rich multimedia content.

Saba classroom gives people in remote locations the opportunity of linking live on-line to a meeting, a conference or workshop via the web - no need for high teleconferencing costs.

Saba classroom events are recordable and can be viewed later by anyone who cannot attend at the time of the event.

Contact CEASA for information on attending or delivering events using Saba classroom.

See information on joining Saba classroom here.


Learn Central

The Australia Series on Learn Central delivers a series of one hour interactive professional development sessions each week via an online classroom space.

The Australia Series blog provides details of the upcoming sessions which are delivered by enthusiastic practitioners sharing their ideas and expertise.